The Mongolian Circus Group

     We are very glad for introducing you the Circus Mongolia.
Professional Circus arts started to developed in Ulaanbaatar, rich-historic country of Mongolia which is located in the wide steppe in northeast Asia in 1939.

     Circus Mongolia was founded and initially named “clown Studio” by the initiative of Khadgaa ( Ch.Khatanbaatar ) in 1997. Since 1980, Khadgaa started to learn circus arts and has taught in the State Circus of Mongolia, Circus-Estrada of Mongolia (also ring-master) and “Pleasure Planning” company of Japan, as a circus clown and coach as well.

     And he established the Circus Mongolia, gathering the talented circus artists and having purpose to promote the Mongolian circus arts throughout the World.

     The feature of the Circus Mongolia is that as we perform professionally following circus genres choreographed with illustrations of the customs of Mongolia.

     • Traditional circus of Mongolia
     • Combination National Music
     • National dressing
     • Dancing
     • Acting
     • Contortion
     • Strong man
     • Acrobatics
     • Juggling etc

     We are able to play everywhere, such as at circus, shopping center, park, square etc. 

    Our artists have gone on tours in France, Israel, Russia, China, Korea, Japan and USA.


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